Lady Gaga Hair Bow

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
I must say that she is a singer and also a fashion icon. Lady Gaga hair bow is as famous as herself. Also celebs like paris Hilton has tryed too!! You can order from internet or you can just try by yourself!



Monday, October 4, 2010
The Hottest watch trend ever!! Toywatch. These watches are everywhere!! Seen on the wrists of countless celebrities from Madonna to Oprah.. This summer colorfull Toywatches were in but now only one color is the it-color of fall-winter, the white color. And also looks great on tanned skin, already bought the white one ;)

Fashion Bandz

Fashion Bandz are cheap but cute bracelets that first appeared on Sarah Jessica Parker. We can say that she is a trendsetter and this is absolutely has been popular as herself!! This seasons another must have item are Fashion Bandz.

Headbands are back!!

2010 Fall-Winter has one more trend going on...headbands!!! They are back and also bigger in size.. It's a perfect item to save a bad hair day... Here are some of them..