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Monday, July 23, 2012


Tuesday, July 17, 2012
This summer, there'll be alot of surprises & giveaways for our followers!
And now, here is a new giveaway sponsored by Exia Girl; and Italian clothing brand that has chic & trendy clothes with affordable prices.
There'll be one winner and the lucky one will win this amazing cute pink bag (charm included).


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The giveaway ends on August, 1st. We'll pick one winner by using the random generator.
Good luck everyone!


Monday, July 16, 2012
Hey everyone, this is a very casual look of me wearing transparent clutch & Oasap shirt with some neon accents.. It's a very short post based to show you the accessories. Well; i just cant get enough glam & glitter! :)
Shirt: Oasap
Neon Pants & Clutch: Bershka
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Sunday, July 15, 2012
Hi everyone :)
This year is the year of neon accents & we all have at least one piece of neon in our closets! Well, i'm too much addicted to this trend & today, i am wearing an amazing neon skirt from Sabo Skirt. 
The color is greenish yellow but amazing vibrant color makes it pop from anywhere! :))
I combined it with some neon bracelets that i've made & the majority was on white of this outfit.
Don't forget to comment;r you know i love reading them all.
Kisses, xoxo :*

Herkese merhaba :)
Bu sene neon trendi gitgide yaygınlaşmaya başladı ve hemen hemen herkesin birkaç neon giysisi veya aksesuarı mevcuttur.. Ama bu sene neonları yanlızca bronz tende giymiyoruz; bütün bir sene boyunca yaz kış demeden giyebilirsiniz.
Ben de bugün harika Sabo Skirt eteğimi giydim ve beyaz ile kombinledim. Yorum yapmayı unutmayınn :)

Skirt: Sabo Skirt
Bracelets: Handmade by me
Shoes: Zara
Top: Romwe
Clutch: Bershka
Sunglasses: H&M

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Hey everyone! 
My newest interview is with a gorgeous fashionista & fashion blogger Tamara Kalinic.

Here is my interview with Tamara Kalinic :)

JF: Hello, can you describe yourself a little?
TC: Hello. I am a Serbian girl, in love with fashion living in London. I love life and live it to the maximum. A surprising fact you might not know is that i have graduated pharmacy university.

JF: How would you define your style?
TC: My style depends on my mood, so everyday it could be different. I love combining different textures & adding on layers; but most of all adore girly clothing.

 JF: Can you describe your style in 3 words?
TC: That one would be very hard, as my style changes all the time. But i would want to say for this moment trendy, classy & youthfull.

JF: What is your life goal?
TC: I havent got a particular life goal, but always aim to be happy. I have very high ambitions in life and want to get into the fashion industry, but as long as i am happy, thats all matters. 

JF: I love your style & wonder who your style icon is?
TC: I read alot of blogs & watch all of the trend reports but dont have a fashion icon. Every morning a have a lot of fun putting my outfits together & enıoy the whole process of mixing & creating somthing new. That's why i dont have a style icon.

JF: What inspired you to start a blog? What motivates you to keep blogging?
TC: I had a lot of comments on my facebook pictures about my outfits, friends used to call me for the ideas, so I thought I should start doing something about it. My readers come from all over the world, and are like my friends! They share ideas with me, tell me their honest opinions, and advice. They are the ones who motivate me the most to keep posting.

JF: How did you choose the name of your blog? 
TC: Glam and Glitter is something every girl should have. I am not talking about actual physical glam and glitter, but girls should be glamourous in the way they behave, talk, walk and respect themselves. They should always have glitter in their eyes and veins to aim for the best.

JF: Who is the person you admire?
TC: My sister! She is amazing, and so inspiring.

JF: What does fashion mean to you?
TC: Fashion means a lot to me. It is a type of art for me. Artists never play by rules and do whatever they want to, it exactly describes me. Fashion is fun it is way of living and I love it!

JF: High heels or flats?
TC: High heels are my favourite addition to every outfit. I just love them!

JF: Your favourite brands?
TC: Mulberry, Chanel, YSL, Louis Vuitton but I also love Zara, Top Shop and H&M so there is no rule :)

JF: Who are your favourite designers?
TC: Christopher Bailey and Tom Ford are two most inspiring persons and designers.

JF: What accessory you use most?
TC: My YSL Arty ring and LV leopard scarf.

JF: How often do you go shopping?
TC: In the weekends I always go through the shops, but I do one big shopping once a month.

JF: What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?
TC: At the minute most comfortable flats I have ever owned are Chanel flats and I LOVE THEM. Also a lot of simple tops from high street that I cant live without. I absolutely love high wasted white A line STORETS skirt.

JF: Your top 3 designer bags.
TC: Top 3 in my wardrobe would be Lady DIor, Celine Luggage Tote and LV Alma bag, but the one I aim to have in life would be Birkin 

JF: What advice do you have for new bloggers or people 
considering starting a blog?

TC: Dont give up in the beginning if you dont get a lot of people paying attention to your blog. Keep loving fashion and it will be noticed.

JF: Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that you wear all the time? What is it?
TC: My readers often tell me that I wear my LV leopard print scarf all the time. But its extremely warm, as its a cashmere blend, and soft, so I just love it!

JF: Loubotin or Blahnik?
TC: It would have to be Louboutin for this age

JF: This seasons mush have?
TC: Peplum top!!! I love them!

JF: What did you buy lately?
TC: Last thing I bought were my Tom Ford sunglasses

JF: What is your signature perfume?
TC: Pink Chanel Chance, and Lady Million

JF: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?
TC: Audrey Hepburn. I love her so much, specially in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

JF: How would you describe fashion in the city where you live?
TC: London is full of variety. Fashion is a bit eclectic and rebellious, but I think Italian fashion describes me more. I love London and what it can offer in the terms of FASHION.

JF: Last of all, do you want to say anything to J'adore Fashion fans?
TC: Keep loving fashion and inspiring other people and yourself. J'adore Fashion concept is amazing because every day you can just get great ideas and outfit inspiration. Always smile and be happy for what you have, as smile is the best accessory you can put on.

Thanks alot Tamara! :)


Hey dolls, today i've been chosen the style of the day - for the 3rd time by, Turkey's street fashion online SokaktaNeModa! Thanks :))
Herkese merhaba! 
Bugün SokaktaNeModa tarafından, 3üncü kez günün stili seçilmişim. Teşekkürlerr :))
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Hey fashionistas! Here i am with a lovely bright combination. I'm wearing a yellow cut-out shoulder shirt combined with white jeans. I guess it was the perfect combination for my new Nimo Stylo cartoon clutch & this time, while taking pictures; i focused on the clutch & top. 
Also HERE you can read my blog post about Diy: cut out shoulder shirts if you want to do on your own.
Tekrar merhaba :) Bugün sarı, omuzları açıkta bir bluz giydim. Son zamanlarda moda olan bu trendi uygulamadan olmazdı :D
Çok cıvıl cıvıl bir havası var, bütün gün iltifatlar aldım :D
Neysee, Nimo Stylo cartoon cantama da en uygun kıyafet bu gibi geldi bana..
Buarada siz de evinizde diy projesi olarak bu bluzden yapmak isterseniz, buraya tık tıkkkk :)

Clutch: Nimo Stylo
Heels: Stradivarius
Top: Gift ( Dont know the brand)
Jeans: Zara
Bracelet: H&M
Watch: Koton
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Monday, July 9, 2012
Hey everyone :)
When i feel like i have nothing to wear(!) or want to be more comfortable, i always choose leggings! Yes, they are one of my wardrobe essentials..
Today, i choose leggings & simple white shirt from Romwe & combined them w/ heels.
As i met with my girl friends; wanted to choose my most comfortable heels; always be prepared cuz you might end up with shopping! :D
Anyways, here is the look, feel free to comment, kisses :*
Bugün tshirt ve tayt kombiniyle karşınızdayım :)

Shirt: Romwe
Sunglasses & Hair cuff: H&M
Cuff bracelet: LovedByBlanche
Bag: Matthew Cox
Shoes: Koton
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