How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf

Friday, December 23, 2011
Blair Waldorf, played by actress Leighton Meester, is Gossip Girl's mean girl. She has a gorgeous Preppy, classic and Polished style and always knows what to wear in any occasion. Maybe  Blair's secret stylist is her mother, who is a fashion designer. But the truth is she looks flawless from head to toe even when she's sleeping!
Tailored, Classic Pieces
Blair goes to a private & high class school, so her clothes must be school uniforn style. But she makes little touches and adds accessories to change her school look to a new high class school fashion! Start w/ simple items such as:  Collared shirts, simple skirts, ties and Blazers. Usually Blair add colorfull details to her uniform. She loves colorfull details. Mostly, she uses yellow, red, green and blue colors at school.
Don't be afraid to Use Colours
Play with colors & be brave to use them. Use neon colors for details. If your dress is classic, use a yellow or red neon legging; and an orange heel! Wear colorfull tights, leggings or knee high socks. Mix the colors, have fun! 
Dressed-Up Loungewear
Even she's at home or sleeping, Blair always looks sexy, pretty & stunning. Maybe no one will see you but for yourself and your self esteem, dress sexy.
Use Girly Details
Blair always puts a bow or lace details to her outfits. She adds from her style, and this shows her sweetness no matter how she seems cruel! :)

Wear designer Pumps Like Mary Janes or classic ones.
Blair mostly wears colorfull heels but always keeps her style very classical. She is often seen wearing Mary Janes and feminine flats.

Wear Flirty, Printed, Floral & Girly Dresses

Blair always wears dresses that has a character! This means the dress is perfect and she is never scared to wear unique and flawless dresses. Her favourite ones are floral print dresses, geometric, satin, classic or vintage.
Wear Floral & Printed Blouse or Skirts
Blair always uses satin blouses, and usually printed. She combines them with skirts in the same print; but don't forget to use belts!
Headbands are Blair's trademark accessory. No matter where she is going, you can never see her without her headband! Wear headbands in all colors and shapes, small ones for casual day and big ones for night!
Blair's Hairstyle
Blair has a flawless, silky and shiny brown hair. Usually she uses her hair curly/wavy. At nighttime; when she goes somewhere classy, she prefers hair bun's.
She rarely wear pants.  She wears skinny jeans or leggings in dark colors.  Or she waers flared & long pants and combined with colorfull tops.
Always Wear Hat's at Cold Weather
When Blair doen't wear headbands, she wears hat's! She is not afraid of colors, so use colorfull hats!
Blair's signature is big, long and posh gowns. She knows how to get attention of all others!
Wear Cardigans in Nude Colors
Blair never give up from wearing cardigans! In any condition: hot or cold weather, doesnt matter. But wear cardigans in neutral, nude colors. The rest can be colorfull.
Wear Designer & Long Coats or Poncho's
Blair always and always wears designer, colorfull or white/black coats or poncho's. Use colorfull bags but never use the same color as your coat.
Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn
Blair's style icon is Audrey Hepburn. She loves being preppy, serious but at the same time sociable! You can steal her style for inspiration but always be yourself at the heart.