Friday, February 17, 2012
Loristella Bags are one of my favourite bags because their designs are unique & when you own one of this bag, it makes you feel special! 
You can never own enough Loristella Bags!
From cutting hides to sewing bags or accessories, every production step receives the outmost attention to detail, according to production techniques that guarantee a high level of quality and resistance.
Loristella bags are perfect for every occasion; from daily life to sports, elegant dinner to luggage's; it has a large range of bags.
These bags are the mixture of Modern & tradional touch. 
They also have foulards in matching colors & sizes.
Besides; they have jeans, wallets & bag accessories. Everything you need is already thought and brought to you by Loristella. All you have to do is choose your Loristella bag & make it more prettier and chic with its matching foulard & accessories.

The idea to create such a recognizable brand was inspired by the intuition of Flaviano and Roberta, company owners, born and bred in the leather business. Flaviano created the design and Roberta gave it a heart and soul: this is the secret of Loristella’s tremendous success, perfectly encompassing the style and the oomph of the modern woman, that doesn’t want to sacrifice elegance and style and that lives every emotion with intense passion.

The company trades in the modern business world but in perfect symbiosis with tradition and craftsmanship which, coupled with their expertise and knowhow, is the essence of every product of the Loristella range.
You can shop online here.