Monday, April 30, 2012
Have you seen Prada's 'smoking' shoes & bags from spring / summer 2012 new collection?!
The image is a hot pink lip that has a cigarette on the lip with its swirl accent!
I dont like smoking but these shoes are cute enough to wear.
The price of the shoe is pretty expensive; something around $900.
Some people say that this shoes encourage smoking, but i really dont think this way. I never smoked and never thought of smoking in my life. Nothing can change this, a pair of shoes? No way!
At this collection, you can find sandalls, heels & clutches. You can combine this heels with its matching bags. 
I prefer the black heel & clucth.
The thing i like about this shoes is that its design is different; and i'm bored of seeing one type of shoe models everywhere! So this is a nice shoe if you want to shine at a party! :D
You can combine these shoes with its clutch too! 


Sunday, April 29, 2012
Hey dolls! :)
Today i had a lovely sunday with my friends :) We had fun at the seaside & the funfair :D
I made colorblocking by using the colors: yellow, blue & pink!
I wore a lovely Romwe Blazer & i'm in love with it!
Here are the pics :)
Normally i'm not a fan of pointed heels, but when i first saw this shoe at Zara, i knew i had to get it! The color is awesome! Who doesnt like yellow? :)
Skinny pants: Guess , Blazer: RomweSunglasses: H&M
Shoe: Zara , Ring: Tree & BeeClutch: H&M
Bracelets: Loved by Blanche
For the last few years, epaulette's were very popular & i didnt had any epaulettes at all! So i decided to get one. You can easily put on & take it off. So i decided to take pics with it & without.
If you ask where i got these from, sorry i dont remember the name of the boutique but they are handmade. I got them from Turkey :)
What do you think? Better with Epaulette's or not?
Hope you all had a lovely sunday ;)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012
I love wearing chic, feminine & romantic Trench Coats. Today, i wore my gorgeous navy blue Romwe Trench Coat. As this coat is a star itself, i didnt want to cover it with another popping detail.
I matched it with a Golden H&M clutch. 
Tried to keep it simple & elegant.

Trench Coat: Romwe
Clutch & Sunglasses: H&M
Heels: Zara


Tuesday, April 24, 2012
I love cuff bracelets & lucky me, i just saw a Hermes-like cuff bracelet at LovedByBlanche! Gorgeous, isnt it? :)
Belt: Modocat
Bracelets: Loved By Blanche


Monday, April 23, 2012
This season, accessories are having their top season!
From braided bracelets to cuff's, nail rings to wild rings, amazing stoned earrings to gorgeous sparkly statement necklaces, shoe jewellery to hair accessories; you can find every accessory you need at Blue Vanilla!
It has amazing unique accessories & jewelleries.
Our goal is to provide for the fashion loving, on a budget, loves a good find audience with high quality fashion jewelry that suits different tastes and styles.Our jewelry is great quality and we make sure every piece that arrives is something we would wear and love. 
Here are my beautifull Blue Vanilla accessories & jewellery :)

You can shop online HERE.
Click HERE to visit their facebook page.


Sunday, April 22, 2012
For a long time i've been seeing this trend called 'Cap Toe'.
What is a cap toe? The front part of the shoes are differnt from the rest; sometimes with a silver or gold color; sometimes sharp or round. 
Actually, this model is a classic model: Coco Chanel made this popular for years & years.
But anyways, its becoming more popular everyday. Now, you can find this trend everywhere; even in ballerinas too.
I like this trend 'cuz it steals the role of an accessory & looks pretty by itself!

And here are some flats / ballerinas if you like comfortably shoes more. Have a look.
And here are some street styles on how fashionistas combined their ZARA Cap Toe shoes:
And here are some celebs:
And we love Louboutin's Neon Cap toe heels:
And Thierry Mugler:
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