Sunday, April 22, 2012
For a long time i've been seeing this trend called 'Cap Toe'.
What is a cap toe? The front part of the shoes are differnt from the rest; sometimes with a silver or gold color; sometimes sharp or round. 
Actually, this model is a classic model: Coco Chanel made this popular for years & years.
But anyways, its becoming more popular everyday. Now, you can find this trend everywhere; even in ballerinas too.
I like this trend 'cuz it steals the role of an accessory & looks pretty by itself!

And here are some flats / ballerinas if you like comfortably shoes more. Have a look.
And here are some street styles on how fashionistas combined their ZARA Cap Toe shoes:
And here are some celebs:
And we love Louboutin's Neon Cap toe heels:
And Thierry Mugler:
More brands...
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