Monday, April 30, 2012
Have you seen Prada's 'smoking' shoes & bags from spring / summer 2012 new collection?!
The image is a hot pink lip that has a cigarette on the lip with its swirl accent!
I dont like smoking but these shoes are cute enough to wear.
The price of the shoe is pretty expensive; something around $900.
Some people say that this shoes encourage smoking, but i really dont think this way. I never smoked and never thought of smoking in my life. Nothing can change this, a pair of shoes? No way!
At this collection, you can find sandalls, heels & clutches. You can combine this heels with its matching bags. 
I prefer the black heel & clucth.
The thing i like about this shoes is that its design is different; and i'm bored of seeing one type of shoe models everywhere! So this is a nice shoe if you want to shine at a party! :D
You can combine these shoes with its clutch too!