Sunday, April 8, 2012
Before the weather gets warm, i suggest you to get Da-Sein socks!
They are so cosy & comfortable! This time of year is usually cold at home, so keep your feet warm with these gorgeous designed Da-Sein socks.
Let me give some information about the brand:
Da-Sein socks present you their debut collection of socks that aims to excite, dazzle and capture the imagination.

We take an original and unconventional turn away from the traditional socks design approaches. We aim to instill a life of vitality to the old boring everyday socks. We set out to challenge you to re-examine your pre-conceived opinions about what socks is. Bored with dull black socks, Da-Sein offers you the alternative.
Yes, their socks are different and not boring! I love wearing my socks, and they are fun! They are creative & colorfull! 
Here are some pictures, you'll see what i mean :)

Everyday i wear one pair & i am in love with my socks!
You can buy online HERE.
Click to visit their website HERE.