Thursday, July 5, 2012
Hey everyone! I can confess that i'm obsessed w/ watches & i love buying watches from different stores & brands. Today, i'll show you my watches that i bought from Koton; which is a Turkish brand but has stores all around the world too!
Koton serves a great quality clothing & accessories with affordable prices. Once again it shows that you dont need to buy expensive branded watches to look good!
P.s: They have a huge sale going on right now; don't miss it. And for those who want to know the prices of these watches; well, i got both for only 30 Euros! ;)
You can check their website & look if Koton has a store near your home, just click here.
Herkese merhabaa!!
Dün Koton'dan bayılarak aldığım saatleri göstermek istedim sizlere. Bence indirim bitmeden Kotona uğramanızı tavsiye ederim :)

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