What To Wear In Winter?

Monday, January 30, 2012
Christian Dior Pre-Autumn / Fall 2012
Look Stylish But Warm at the same time!
I always see girls looking fabulous at -20 degrees wearing thin jackets and very high heels while everywhere is snow & ice! Well, in real life it's impossible to step outside like this! I live in Romania & it gets more than -20 degrees here and i can guess that you all fashionistas agree with me cuz real girls are smart & don't wear very high heels or thin jackets without zipping the front part when everywhere is snow or ice! 
I wanted to write about fashion tips about being stylish but also warm at winter! Here are some tips. Hope you like it dolls, don't forget to leave comments :)
THE BASICS - Outer Wear
STEP 1: Wear Boots 
You can wear any kind of boots as long as it is without heels. If there is snow, aware of wearing heels, but if no; well you can wear heels but it is better be thick! 

STYLE TIP: Stuck your skinny jeans into your boots, or wear socks/leggings.

STEP 2: Wear Knitted Scarf or Snood 
You can use scarves to cover your neck or use as a turban.
Snood's are having their golden age this year. If you havent got one yet, start knitting or buy one before the winter is over! :)

STEP 3: Wear Hat's or Earmuff's
Furry, knitted or cowboy hats! They all have one purpose- to keep warm! Also you can use them as accessories!
Earmuff's are also very hit this year, especially the big & pastel colored ones.

STEP 4: Wear Fur (Faux Only)
We love wearing fur - but the ones that are not real!
These fur vests keep us warm and cozy! Usually wear skinny shirts inside, so your fur can perfectly it to your body.
Combine fur vests with leggings - i prefer the leather ones.

STYLE TIP: If you don't like wearing fur, you can use fur at your bag!

STEP 5: Coats
The most important part is this; choosing the right coat or jacket for winter! Buy 1 size bigger from your proportion 'cuz you must count that you'll wear puffy fur vests or big cardigans inside. So try to buy a little bit bigger.

STEP 6: Gloves
We all love gloves, dont we?! :) Yep, they keep us warm in any bad weather conditions. The material is not important, just try to match the right color with your coats.

THE BASICS - Inner Wear
STEP 1: Cardigans 
Wear cardigans under your coat to stay cozy & warm. You can combine them with even shirts! Depends on your mood and the weather!
This season, trend is to mix diferent patterns & colors. Don't be afraid of using them! 

STEP 2: Leggings & Colorfull Pants
STEP 3: Shorts & Colorfull Pantihose

Black is perfect and is suitable for any occasion. If you don't know what to wear and have little time; just choose black-it is never a bad choice!
You can wear black with every hair color.
Red is a powerfull color. It reflects your vampy part. Don't forget to put on a red lipstick!
Blue is a powerfull color, this color itself is an It-Color!
Combine color blue with gray, black, red or white colors.