Thursday, March 8, 2012
You must have noticed that many celebrities are wearing skirts and dresses with a little extra fabric around their hip area. The extra fabric or style is called Peplum. Peplum's are the springs upcoming trend. 
They are great if you do not have much of a figure, they give an illusion of hips & curves.
Many designers are favourited this Peplum trend already. 
Even there are peplums on wedding dresses!
This detail completely changes your look. Adds a feminine & strong image to the woman who wears it.
Also the celebrities such as Rihanna, Blake lively, Victoria Beckham & many more have already been seen wearing peplum detailed dresses!
What do you think about this trend: Hot or Not?

What i like about peplums is that you can wear these dresses or blouses almost everywhere to any occasion.
From parties to elegant dinners; casual or formal - One thing you must be sure of is this detail completely changes your look.
Celebrities prefer peplums to more formal places like fashion shows, red carpet or cocktails.
Peplum has a natural aura to make you look sexy but classy at the same time.
Make sure that your peplum detailed dresses is short. Otherwise, your proportion & silhouette will look bad.
Try to choose skinny & short dresses or skirts - make sure it is knee high.
There are even peplum detailed wedding gowns!