Friday, June 1, 2012
Hey dolls! :)
Today was a lovely friday, and i decided to be all red today! I wore a lovely Sheinside asymmetric dress.
As you can see, i changed my hair back to its original color-brown. And i used extensions too!
I wore a gray color shoe w/ gold accessories just to create contrast. 
Oh and i'm in love with my gorgeous sunglasses from Teal & Tala.
Herkese merhaba! :)
Bugün harika, güneşli bir gündü ve kırmızılara bürünmeye karar verdim. Hafif grimsi topuklu ayakkabı ile altın renkli aksesuarlar kullandım; böylelikle kontrast oldu. 
Buarada gözlüğü de Teal & Tala'dan aldım; ilgilenenlere duyurulur ;)

Dress / Elbise: Sheinside
Sunglasses / Gözlük: Teal & Tala
Necklace / Kolye: Tree & Bee
You cant see my earrings at the pic but they are from Tree & Bee too! Here is a pic of it: