Saturday, May 5, 2012
Hello everyone :)
This month, i'll show you all the beautifull places in Constanta. For the ones who doesnt know where Constanta is; it's a city in Romania that has coast to the Black Sea.
Well, today i went to City Park - the weather was cosi cosi - it was going pretty hot but than it turned cold so i couldnt take nature pics! Instead drink coffee & went home! :D
Next time i'll take more nature pictures.
Well, here are the pics, hope you enjoy! ;)
Oh la la, i'm love with this picture! <3

I brought my ballerinas too; incase i get tired of high heels!
They were smelling soo beautifull, couldnt resist! :D
This picture is one of my favourite one!
I tried to take pics all over the park! :D
Me & Fulden ;)
Go visit her blog and fb page here.
Heels are from Nine West, i bought them 4 years ago i guess..
Too bad you cannot see their sparkles from the picture..
Yeah, you already know my bag from Exia Girl <3
It's really hard to walk with high heels, ok they might look hot but i prefer wedges!
My House of Olia & Stradivarius bracelet.
We stopped by the mall to get some Coffee..
 We had soo much fun today, we didnt capture everything because of the cold breeze.. but anyways, next time i'll do a photo-story-of-a day! -nice idea i know! :D 
But until than, c u dolls..

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