Friday, May 4, 2012
I love spring! I love how sun makes me feel good & positive! Of course, these few months i have to study for exams but, life is awesome if you know how to live it & have fun! I love everything about it; sunshine, hot weather, icecreams, flowers, sea, wearing shorts, flower gardens & big hats! 
 I wanted to write down the things i want to do & buy this month! From now on, i'll write  each months wishlist :)
These are:

Drink lots of Mohito's !

Change my perfume

Continue dance classes

Try to have fun everywhere i go

Wear big hats

Buy a new pair of cap-toe shoes

Have a romantic beach dinner

Watch the ocean

Get hair extensions

Buy neon heels

Go to fun Fair frequently

More bicycle rides

Own a pet :)

Go swimming!

Buy a new professional camera

Wear studded vintage shorts

Watch more horror movies

Wake up early

Lazy time at the beach! :)

Eat more fruits!

Spend more time with friends

Do yoga on the beach.

More partying

And of course studying! :)
Well, that's all for now, until next month, have a lovelyyyy may!
(Today is 5.5.2012 & this post is my; J'adore Fashion's original idea & please dont steal this- u know who you are!)