Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Yes! Gold Leaf makeup is the latest rising makeup trend of the runway! Altough i'm not a fan of it, i wanted to write about this.
Models say that it's heavy to carry on your face! Yes, they use  real gold leaves, but on streets, its more clever to use cosmetic gold-like ones. I saw in for $1.99, you can get it here if you are interested!
This trend is definetely an eyecather! But if you ask if it looks sexy, well it's argumentative!
These are sold in small amounts - it's quantified by grams.
Well, this trend look beautifull in one occasion: Use in small amounts! 
Here is a beautifull example of Emma Watson's smokey golden eye makeup. She used to put gold drops to the end of her eyelids & it definetely looks beautifull on her. This is the right way to use this trend.

It also has silver version!
We can see this trend only at runway & models! We have to wait a little bit to see on the streets or maybe not! This trend doesnt seem to last long!
It is used on eyebrows, lips and eyelids. It also covers the entire eyebrow. I dont know if the adhesive is harmfull to the skin or eyebrow.
This makeup is too much glam for daily use, but you can consider it for partying or fashion shows, why not! 
Me? No, i'll continue wearing gold as an accessory!:D
Paris <3