Thursday, May 24, 2012
Hey everyone,
I like being a blogger & i have many surprises to you this summer! But first, i have to study :D 
Every week we have 2-3 exams but when i get time, i post stuff here on my blog. Exam period will finish at 1st of July.
And i'll be 4th year Medicine student :))
At J'adore Fashion's Fb page, thanks to my friend, she is posting stuff for me to keep you updated with latest fashion pics :)
Hopefully today i had school for 3 hours, than came home to do Pilates & after studying..
Until my next post, take care dolls,
xoxo :)
 Finally my letter from Google arrived! Yay! :D
 Yes, i have a neon pink stethoscope & i'm in love with it! :))
I loveee Pilates & Yoga! <3